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Need a job done fast with outstanding quality? We can help you out. If you meet the requirements*, we can turn your custom apparel dream around in 1 business day! It's as easy as submitting your form, receiving email confirmation with invoice, paying, and picking up in Wake Forest the following business day**!

*see below in "Requirements"

**24 hr turnaround is only valid for orders placed and paid before 11:30 am Eastern Time. Anything after that becomes a 48 hr turn around. If you are ordering close to cut off time, please call to expedite the process.




You must have a limited quantity (12 or less pieces). We have a maximum of 12 pieces we can accept per day, so if that is exceeded before you place your order, we will reach out to confirm if a 48 hr turnaround is okay before crafting your invoice/submitting your order.

Production will not start without payment. If you do not submit your form and pay the invoice before 11:30 am Eastern Time, you do not qualify for 24 hr turn around. You are automatically bumped to 48 hrs.

Sizes for all adult tees range from XS-4XL. For youth sizes, the range is XS-XL. The brand is District for all orders. White shirts are 100% ring-spun cotton and colored shirts are triblends (50% poly/ 25% ring-spun cotton/25% rayon). To see sizing charts before placing your order, see here.

We will not edit any artwork unless given more time (not qualified for 24 hr turn around). All artwork must be print-ready transparent .pngs. If not transparent and/or a .jpeg, it will print with a square background. If it is a white background image on a white tee however, do not worry, it will not print.

Pricing is as follows. It is applicable for both youth and adult sizes.

All short sleeve tees are $35 for XS-2XL, $37 for 3XL-4XL.

All long sleeve tees are $38 for XS-2XL, $40 for 3XL-4XL.

If you have a larger order, please contact us directly via phone or email for customized pricing and lead time.

NOTE: If upon receiving your invoice and email confirmation you do not wish to go through with your order, simply email us at to cancel.

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